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Innovator of the YearEnvironmental Guidelines

Environmental Guidelines

Cybergroup International has strict rules for environmentally compatible business operations. The environmental guidelines have been agreed upon by the executive management and our most important suppliers and service providers have been informed accordingly. 


Environmentally oriented products:

We are developing, producing and distributing products which will harm the environment as little as possible during their own lifecycle and which are easy to recycle. Our clients are referred to these guidelines accordingly, in order to add products of this sort to their product ranges.


Protection of the environment and continuous improvement:

Through indicators we measure our impact on the natural environment of the services we offer and we take appropriate action to reduce our environmental impact. With this we are pursuing the goal of protecting the environment and of continuously improving our environmental performance.


Economical use of resources and energy efficiency:

Resources are used efficiently by us and possibilities of substituting environmentally harmful substances are searched for. The energy efficiency of our service has always to be seen under the aspect of a process of continuous optimization (pco)  Environmental aspects play a major role in the construction of our new building in Mannheim.


Environmental law as a minimum standard:

The compliance to environmental requirements is to us self-evident.  The monitoring of the adherence of these requirements is done via the legal cadastral register.


Implementation of process adjustments:

Our internal and external processes and organisational structures will be monitored on a regular basis and developed even further regarding the environment.


Including employees:

Environmentally conscious actions are part of every employees tasks. We inform our employees about this on a regular basis, we conduct workshops on actions to protect the environment and we have implemented an internal suggestion tool for topics regarding the environment.


Including externally interested circles:

We conduct an open communication about the environment with our business partners, official authorities, neighbours and the public in general. 


Taking into account the value-added chain:

The adherence of the guidelines by our suppliers and clients has the highest priority. Because of this we conduct environmentally oriented assessments of our suppliers and we provide our suppliers and clients with our product- and process information.  

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