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Merchandise – turning customers into fans

Customers have to be attracted, fans come of their own accord.
Customers give you their money, fans also give you their hearts.
Having fans means success. 

However, first you have to connect with them, inspire them and bond with them emotionally – and if that succeeds they will be your best brand ambassadors, because fans don't just keep on making purchases, they also provide positive reviews of what you have to offer. In an age of social networks this is of inestimable value, because they combine credibility with expertise, and encourage others to make purchases, too. 

Successful merchandise articles are perfect when it comes to turning customers into brand ambassadors. With unconventional ideas in this field a customer can make huge gains in attractiveness. A brand's "fan products" of course have to be worthy of the company's own products or services! 

New trends are developing all the time, and the demands on design and materials are increasing with them – partly because – in contrast to promotional articles – there are hardly any restrictions in terms of price. The development and production of individual, target-group specific merchandise collections is a challenge which we meet with passion and motivation. As a result we have become a leading supplier of "fan products". Because we, too, put our heart and soul into it – we understand the psychology of the fan.