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Bertrandt - expertise with a past and a future
Started as a one-man engineering office in Baden-Württemberg, Bertrandt is now one of the world's leading engineering companies. A high level of commitment, outstanding performance, comprehensive know-how and loyalty - these are the qualities associated with Bertrandt, a company which is now also one of our customers.

THE event to kick off the year: the 2021 PSI Sustainability Award Gala Night
Extraordinary, exciting, glamorous: we're taking the Award Gala Night to a whole new level. In exactly 7 days the PSI Sustainability Awards will for the first time be presented digitally, but with no less festivity and emotion. On the contrary, it will be grandiose and spectacular!

A warm welcome to 2021
WOW - what a year!!! As we start a new year, the Cybergroup management would like to thank the cyber-Team for what is probably the most eventful and exciting year ever: 2020. "We have once again demonstrated team spirit and pulled together."

cfb IofY 2021 Nominee