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Conversation among colleagues - Live Talk with Rathert Creativ
Our somewhat different Live Talk took place at the port of Hamburg with the fish market in the background. However, this time we weren't talking to a supplier, but to colleagues! Together with Malte Werner and Joachim Fischer from Rathert Creativ we chatted about everything that is behind the Hanseatic promotional goods agency.

CGUK, CGFL and CG are all celebrating their birthdays
Cybergroup UK, CG Fulfillment and the Cybergroup are each celebrating their fifth anniversary. And they all have good reason to celebrate, because they all have a key role play in the success of Cybergroup International.

Why not talk to the colleagues?
That was our idea, and after all, why not? So during our trip to Hamburg we dropped in on the self-styled brand enthusiasts Rathert Creativ. The agency offers hands-on brand communication for very individual requirements.

The Live Talk team as guests in Hamburg
Against the backdrop of one of Hamburg's most traditional boathouses the Live Talk was all about motivation, appreciation and retention of staff and customers. Timon Feld from PERFECT GIVINGS presented his new concept for motivating employees and customers in the long term, and explained what makes a good reward system.

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