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„Reliability is a significant factor when developing a merchandise collection and cyber-Wear has an excellent reputation - they supply many large internationally active companies as well as several motorsport teams.

Each product that bears the Ford logo must reflect its high quality standards and we are convinced that we have a strong partner at our side with cyber-Wear. Together we are able to implement our ideas and new products concepts.“

Axel Wilke
Director, Vehicle Personalisation
Ford of Europe

Ford-Werke GmbH

Since 2010 Cybergroup International has been the exclusive supplier to the Ford Lifestyle Collection and, since 2014, the Ford Vignale Collection, too. The cooperation is a full-service operation in every sense of the word, in that new individual services are added regularly – for example production with traditional craftsmanship of the high-quality Vignale Collection, or the provision and administration of the fan shop at in its current 20 different languages. cyber-Wear supports Ford with its own personnel running the official merchandising shop at all trade fairs and even has an Airstream in its fleet with Ford branding as a pop-up store for events. 

The Ford Iconic Collection | Ford Mustang Gold

Black isn't always just black. And it's unbeatable when you combine it with golden highlights. The Mustang Gold Collection is even more chic and exclusive - and yes, more luxurious even than the well-known cool Mustang Collection.


"When want becomes need" is the appropriate slogan here, because these products will appeal to everyone. Each one speaks for itself with its simple but striking design, and is an absolute must for true fans. Every single product in the Mustang Gold Collection captivates with cleverly designed highlights. The Mustang on the cap, for example, has an incredibly genuine look thanks to its golden silhouette. The ballpoint pen couldn't look more elegant due to its black matt finish with a gold push button and clip. The notebook with the book block that shimmers gold, or the mug which is finished in gold on the inside. Simply one gem after another!

The Ford Built Tough Collection | Built Ford Tough

Strong, stronger, Built Ford Tough. A collection which is perfect for all men who love adventure, are ready for anything and enjoy being outdoors.


The Built Ford Tough Collection contains everything a man could desire, ranging from practical gadgets that seem to have 100 functions via rechargeable multi-functional lamps to the classics: the hoody, T-shirt and cap. Just as practical are the multi-section and extremely striking lunch box, the pocket knife and the craftsman's case with lots of flaps and compartments for safe storage.


The Ford Iconic Collection | Ford Bronco

Legendary, a classic and cult off-road vehicle: 

Ford Bronco.


It was built from 1966 to 1996 and now a new edition of the SUV is finally available. The Merchandise Collection combines modern and retro, and has generated a variety of stylish products. The main colours of yellow, blue and red dominate the collection. Cool caps, T-shirts and mugs are available in three colours. At the same time the collection also offers simple and stylish bags and a jacket in the vintage look, a stylish metal chronograph with padded leather strap and attractive key rings.


Ford Mustang | Mach-e Collection

Ford's first all-electric SUV combines the passion of an icon with a whole new form of freedom. It goes without saying that the Merchandise Collection should be just as electrifying and untamed.

The products are characterised by electricity, innovation and plenty of style. Each one conceals a special feature: whether it's the gym bag made of highly reflective material, the charging stations with their glowing logo or the T-shirt with a special print that starts glowing in the dark. And of course totally stylish T-shirts in the future-vintage mix are also available. The Mustang Mach-E Collection leaves nothing to be desired.


Ford Performance | Camo Collection 

Two exclusive showcars, Ford Mustang and Ford Fiesta ST, in a special design: sporty camouflage in dark shades of grey with explosive touches of red.
Ford Camo

The Ford Lifestyle Collection developed corresponding products in Camo look. The range consists of casual clothes like hoodies and T-shirts along with accessories like gym bags, flat caps and much more besides.





Ford Mustang | Exclusive Items

Ford Bullitt

The coolest Mustang ever.
The special Ford Mustang BULLITT model revives a legend: the Ford Mustang GT Fastback, which earned its cult status on the cinema screen in 1968. The inspiration for this unique collection was the BULLITT Ford Mustang. The proud Mustang fan wears both legends as silhouettes on their chest with this cool shirt – naturally, in the typical Highland Green of the exclusive special models.

Ford Lifestyle Collection | Digital Catalogue

cyber-Wear is developing a new digital catalogue for the Ford Lifestyle Collection.

The catalogue provides an accessible overview of the shop and contains all the articles in the various collections. These collections are numerous and highly diverse, ranging from the unadorned Ford Basic Collection, the high-speed Ford Performance Collection, the stylish Ford Mustang Collection and the cool Ford GT, Ford RS, Ford ST and Ford Edge car collections. Special collections such as the Ford Heritage, Ford Outdoor, Ford Kids and Ford Built Tough series should also not be forgotten.


Ford Kids | LEGO

Ford and LEGO® fans have had to wait a whole year for this: From March, two new building sets from the successful LEGO® range will be available in the Ford Lifestyle Collection web shop, thereby bringing popular cult cars of the brand into children's playroom. Those young hearts will probably beat just as fast as their motorsport-loving mums and dads. With the high-horse power Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC and the cult Ford Mustang Fastback, rally fans are sure to get their money's worth.



Ford Lifestyle Collection | Webshop Relaunch

neuer Shop

cyber-Wear is relaunching the Ford Lifestyle Collection Shop in line with the design of Ford's official website.

From 2 pm on Monday 16th October 2017, the official merchandising collection of Ford will shine in a drastically improved and freshly-polished virtual shop window at The new design has a clear visual design.

The layout of the newsletter has, of course, also had a facelift. Click here to see the current newsletter:

Ford Lifestyle Collection | Exclusive Photo Shoot

During the exclusive photo shoot of the Ford Mustang and Performance collections, a total of five models were photographed in cool, modern textiles and accessories with corresponding show cars.


Ford GT | Collection Facelift

Ford GT
Passionate, emotional, crazy for sports – and dedicated to the living legend Gran Turismo: cyber-Wear has developed sporty accessories for the GT line of the Ford Lifestyle Collection in new yet distinctive designs that will take your breath away. For long drives and perfect presentation. In Le Mans, Daytona, Monza and everywhere else...

E-BIKE Solutions

Ford held a very special world premiere at the IAA 2011: With the Ford E-Bike Concept, a bicycle with electronic support was presented for the first time, triggering a great deal of media hype. This also caused the world to look toward Dossenheim and Wipperfürth: the Ford E-Bike was on its maiden voyage in this area for cyber-Wear at the same time! The project initiation and coordination were handled completely by cyber-Wear and even the frame construction and prototype construction were carried out in-house. Even though the bicycle with electric battery pedalling support will not go into serial production just yet, it has brought cyber-Wear one important step forward in terms of the expansion of its expertise!

Ford VIGNALE | Collection


To go with their highest quality vehicle accessory line, Ford Design and cyber-Wear have developed a meticulously designed premium luggage range. Made of luxurious leather, the finest silk and other hand-picked materials, these high-end accessories from the luxury collection are hand-crafted with painstaking attention to detail.

Ford VIGNALE | Webspecial


cyber-Wear has put together all the information on the Ford VIGNALE Collection on Besides the online catalogue browser for the premium line, it contains video clips that provide insight into the product creation process. The faces of the people responsible for the collection are also on display.

Ford MUSTANG | Webspecial

To celebrate the German debut of an American legend, cyber-Wear is releasing a very special virtual product of its own: on, find detailed information on the origins and background of the Ford Lifestyle Collection Mustang Line. From the design process and extravagant promotional events all the way to the finished products – with just a few clicks, you can find out everything there is to know about the official merchandising collection. 

Ford Mustang 

Ford RS & ST | Collection Facelift


Give their own successful products a new, fresh look – that was cyber-Wear’s challenge for the facelift of the Ford Lifestyle Collection RS Line and ST Line. Of course the new products had to be at least as sleek and stylish as their predecessors! The ideal route to the dynamic new designs was to update the colours from green to ocean blue (RS) and from orange to race car red (ST). 

Ford Design Watch | Production


A titanium titan – the Ford Design Watch is a design giant by cyber-Wear crafted out of corrosion-proof high-end metal. 100 % Ford Design DNA and a very light but extremely robust casing material pave the way for a timepiece that is both contemporary and timeless, fitted with a precision clockwork by Miyota.  

Ford Lifestyle Collection | Catalogue Production

Lifestyle Collection

With the most elaborate catalogue production to date, cyber-Wear outdid itself: a team of 16 people, including professional models and an experienced photographer, six Ford vehicles and of course all the products from the Ford Lifestyle Collection transformed a studio specialised in automotive photography into a huge film and photo set for three whole days.

Ford Lifestyle Collection | Collectible Mugs


Once you have one, you’ll want them all: Fiesta, Kuga or Focus; Heritage, Mustang or EcoSport – anyone who’s into Ford and exquisite porcelain can’t afford to miss the Ford Lifestyle Collection coffee mugs. After going through a range of different designs, for which cyber-Wear used the entire spectrum of available glazing techniques, the mugs have
become stylish collectibles.

Ford Mustang Collection | Airstream Pop-Up-Store


The Airstream, which was specially added to the cyber-Wear fleet, will show up at Ford events and fan meetups throughout Europe as a stylish mobile store to boost sales for the Ford Lifestyle Collection products. The classic camper van with an unpainted aluminium exterior covered with large-scale decals works as an effective eye-catcher, as a symbol of the American lifestyle and as a pop-up store all at the same time.

Ford Mustang News | Production of a sophisticated print and online medium

Mustang WebspecialTo fuel the anticipation of future car owners even further, and to provide standard support for the European première of the Ford Mustang, cyber-Wear has developed a high-quality "Mustang News" for the Mustang Line of the Ford Lifestyle collection. The product catalogue, in the format of a newspaper, does not just list all the merchandising articles for the Mustang, but also showcases them using quality photographic productions and emotional claims focusing on their character: thereby generating demand for lifestyle products.



Ford Lifestyle Collection | Social Media Account Management

Lifestyle Collection

13,000 ‘likes’: cyber-Wear manages the official facebook fan page for the Ford merchandising range and already provides over 13,000 fans with news, product photos, event information and real-time impressions from sales fairs and events.

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