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Monday, 01-07-2024

10. Cybergroup BeachCup 2024

A weekend full of sport and fun, Ketsch experienced a superlative sporting event last weekend. The 10th Cybergroup BeachCup 2024 attracted around 400 guests from all over Europe and the USA to the small community.

Friday evening was already a great start to the weekend. Around 250 guests enjoyed the great weather and the great atmosphere and took the chance to "warm up" with games.

On Saturday, 29 teams competed against each other in a total of 107 exciting games and provided the numerous fans who had traveled with them with the best sport on four pitches for seven hours. The mayor of Ketsch ceremoniously opened the event and insisted on playing himself. Despite the hot temperatures of 35 degrees, there was a great atmosphere. Thanks to plenty of food and refreshing drinks, the athletes and spectators were able to cope well with the heat. The reflects Pirates were in top form and won the tournament, followed by the Mahlwerck Chiggers in second place and the Atlantis Fiori in third place.

After the exciting day of sport, there was a lively party in the Bootshaus Mannheim, which lasted until the early hours of the morning at 2:30 a.m.

"The Cybergroup BeachCup 2024 was not only a sporting highlight, but also once again the industry's summer festival. It offered an excellent opportunity for networking and celebrating," said Simon Merkel, host and organizer. The event in Ketsch was a complete success and will surely be remembered by participants and spectators for a long time to come.