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Wednesday, 30-11-2022

CSA Talkinar - Nils Buntrock

Wednesday, 14-12-2022

CSA Talkinar - Clemens Arnold

Tuesday, 10-01-2023

PSI 2023 l 10.-12.1.2023

Wednesday, 30-09-2020

The new QS40 True Bionic – from nature for nature

The housing of the bio-based, non-toxic and biocompatible QS40 "True Biotic" really is "truly" biodegradable – which means that it doesn't disturb the balance of nature. With this innovation, Prodir is taking a major step in the direction of a sustainable future.

Biopolymers are the basic building blocks for all living organisms – and they are the raw material that Prodir are using to manufacture the housing for the new QS40 True Biotic. Every second, trilliards of micro-organisms produce huge quantities of these biopolymers in a completely natural way through biosynthesis. And the best thing is that they break them down again with exactly the same fervour. It is precisely this that makes the new QS40 into a forerunner in terms of sustainability. Its elegant housing with a honeycomb design is produced from bio-based, non-toxic biopolymers (PHA). The retractable ball-point pen is biodegradable without the need for industrial composting – it will break down in the sea just as easily as in your own garden.


This means that both the manufacture and the decomposition of the product are a part of the natural cycle of nature. This unique retractable ball-point pen is made from 100% bio-based and renewable raw materials that will biodegrade completely and quickly in soil, seawater or freshwater. Yet it is not only its components that make an enormous contribution to protecting the environment, but also the way the pen is produced – the manufacture of the QS40 True Biotic involves neither the use of areas of agricultural land nor of precious water.


The contemporary design of the new QS40 is also hugely impressive – and in line with environmental protection! The spectacular shape of the QS40 True Biotic combines the structure of a honeycomb with a very lightweight technical design that makes highly efficient use of materials. The material used is pleasantly soft and warm and the retractable ball-point pen comes in seven standard natural matte colours, ranging from snow white to coral orange.


In today's world, innovation has to mean working with nature and not against it – this is precisely the motto that Prodir are translating into reality with the new QS40 True Biotic. This is what the future will look like, right? See for yourself!