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MoPA on tour - Haptica // 13.3.2024

Tuesday, 21-11-2023

Sustainable change from within

Above the rooftops of Barcelona while it just waking up, in the luxurious Mandarin Oriental hotel - in the early hours of the morning, when Spain is still slowly coming to life, suspense was gathering in a unique setting.

Steven Baumgaertner met up with Daniel Rufenacht, CEO of bluesign technologies, our partner for sustainable solutions in the textile industry, for the latest CG Live Talk. In the talk, the discussion participants share their insights not only about the standards and tools for environmentally friendly materials and production processes, but also on the common goals of the inter-company cooperation.


The partnership is not only for the purpose of environmentally-oriented certification, but also stands for a comprehensive improvement of the entire supply chain. With a 35-year background in sustainability, Daniel Rufenacht is actively working with bluesign to help its partners understand and optimize their value chains from the within. For bluesign, the starting point right now is to avoid harmful ingredients from the outset rather than testing for them in the finished textiles. The mission of bluesign is not only to reduce negative effects, but to actively promote positive changes.


The talk discusses the concrete measures taken by bluesign and emphasizes that real change does not only happen through tests and certificates, but through a partnership based on transparency and continuous improvement. The Digital Product Passport, currently planned for 2024, will then serve as a tool to better track and optimize value chains. Implementation may be challenging at first, but given the current situation in the industry for promotional products, it should urgently become mandatory.


The discussion concludes by highlighting specific benefits of bluesign for companies, including better knowledge of the value chain, successful risk minimization and optimized resource management. Certification by bluesign represents a valuable USP for the market.


Overall, the current talk reflects the dynamics of a partnership based not only on business considerations but also on a shared vision. Daniel Rufenacht and Steven Baumgaertner conclude the conversation on an optimistic note, looking forward to the next steps in their collaboration and hoping that their efforts can serve as a model for other companies seeking to integrate sustainable practices.


Watch the CG Live Talk on Youtube