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Wednesday, 07-10-2020

Reusable packaging: Our boxes make more than one journey!

Why throw something away when we could reuse it? Such a simple idea that can bring about such a big change. It's hard to imagine modern business functioning without the various types of cardboard and corrugated board, yet a huge amount of this packaging is simply thrown away after just the first delivery.

There have been many different initiatives aimed at reducing the amount of packaging used, making conscious efforts to recycle it and getting to grips with the waste problem that is a side effect of our consumer society. We too have spent a lot of time addressing this important issue and have launched quite a number of projects over the past few years: from recycled cardboard packaging and space-saving shipping bags through to the reduction of secondary packaging to the absolute minimum. Yet with our "Reused Boxes" we will be able to do a good deal more to protect the environment.


Did you know that significantly less energy is consumed when packaging is reused in comparison to recycling it? This is why we have made a deliberate decision to reuse the shipping boxes that are sent to us and send them off on a further journey. Worldwide, an unbelievably large quantity of perfectly good cardboard packaging is disposed of immediately after delivery, rather than using it again. It seems such a simple solution in terms of sustainability and yet there are very few online shops that choose to take this route. We are now finally a part of this new, sustainable project!  Any boxes from our suppliers that are still intact – and we will of course first inspect them to make sure they are in good condition and can be reused – will definitely be saved from ending up in the recycling bin!  Instead they will be reused – to send out orders to our customers.


In future we want to avoid simply throwing away packaging that has been delivered to us if it is still in a good to very good condition.  In doing so, we hope to make a further shift toward an approach to our environment that involves a less intensive use of resources. We are following the principle "Reuse rather than throw away!"


But how will you be able to recognise our reused boxes?  Quite simple: all our reused shipping boxes will bear a green sticker which says "HI, I'M A REUSED BOX", to show that the shipment is making an important contribution to environmental awareness. Keep an eye out when your next order arrives!


By the way: Every single one of our new cartons is FSC certified and therefore come from responsibly farmed woods. Moreover, we only use kraft paper bags which are made from gras paper and have a positive carbon footprint.