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Harley Davidson Days Hamburg // 26.6..-1.7.24

10 years Cybergroup BeachCup // 29.6.24

Harley Davidson Days Swiss // 3. - 8.7.24

Mustang Meeting Swiss // 2. - 4.8.24

Friday, 03-11-2023

PSI 2024: Cybergroup goes History!

Get ready for an exciting journey with the cyber-Team at the upcoming PSI. We're taking things to the next level with our brand-new project, the Museum of Promotional Articles, affectionately known as MoPA. Spanning approximately 170 square meters, MoPA features eleven captivating "time capsules" that offer our visitors an exclusive and immersive experience into the past and future of promotional items.

Our previous appearances at PSI have always been one-of-a-kind highlights, consistently surprising and delighting our audience. We've traveled from Paris to the moon, exhibited and auctioned artworks, and established entirely new reporting formats from the fair.


And yet, every time, there's the feeling that we can do even more! The cyber-team is totally on fire, with multiple follow-up meetings canceled or rescheduled during discussions for our next trade show appearance. But what's brewing?


We aim to astound our clients and partners once again, this time by guiding them through the entire history and future of promotional items. And trust us, there's a lot to share. So much so that at PSI 2024, we're creating a full-fledged museum: The Museum of Promotional Articles, or MoPA for short!


Over an impressive 170 square meters, we're constructing a monument to the world of promotional items In the coming year, visitors can look forward to not only the stylish bluesign-Lounge, presented for the first time in collaboration with bluesign in 2024, and the up-to-the-minute PSI TV Studio. They'll also have the opportunity to explore the history of promotional items with all their senses in eleven additional rooms and a connected gift shop. Each room informatively and interactively represents the evolution of distinct realms of promotional items, from their inception to their initial use in the world of advertising.


Cybergroup takes you on a journey through the entire history, culminating in a glimpse into the digital future of promotional items. With so much to discover, you might find it hard to choose between embarking on an exciting museum tour, exploring the latest trends in the museum shop, or networking at the attached café. One thing's for sure – you won't want to miss any of it!