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Wednesday, 24-08-2022

CSA Talkinar - Boris Kompara & Steffen Gros

Wednesday, 21-09-2022

CSA Talkinar - Olaf Hartmann

Wednesday, 19-10-2022

CSA Talkinar - Philipp Pflieger

Monday, 24-10-2022

bauma 2022 l 24.-30.10.2022

Wednesday, 23-11-2022

CSA Talkinar - Kelvin van der Linde

Wednesday, 14-12-2022

CSA Talkinar - Nils Buntrock

Tuesday, 10-01-2023

PSI 2023 l 10.-12.1.2023

Wednesday, 18-01-2023

CSA Talkinar - Clemens Arnold

Wednesday, 29-06-2022


After an absence of more than 2 years the BAUHAUS "Kilometres for Kids" company run finally took place live again. The cyber-Wear GmbH team was of course also among the participants. With nine runners we took on the challenge of the 5 kilometre race. Let's be honest - who hasn't missed it?

After work we went straight to the Theodor-Heuss stadium in Mannheim for the starting line-up. After Mayor Ralf Eisenhauer fired the starting pistol at 6:30 p.m. we all ran the course together and overcame our innate tendency to avoid physical activity.


As in previous years we once more contributed to charity and did something for our health! For every runner €1 was collected for charitable and regional causes. The partner charity Plan International Germany also received part of the donations.


Thanks to BAUHAUS Germany for organising this event so that over 2,300 people from 170 companies were able to take part. It would hardly have been conceivable during the last few months of the Corona pandemic! Anyone who couldn't be there this year definitely missed out on a great occasion!