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Wednesday, 30-11-2022

CSA Talkinar - Nils Buntrock

Wednesday, 14-12-2022

CSA Talkinar - Clemens Arnold

Tuesday, 10-01-2023

PSI 2023 l 10.-12.1.2023

Monday, 21-09-2020

Every single piece becomes something very special

This is the credo of the SND porcelain factory. The family business attaches great importance to quality, flexibility, reliability and personal customer service - SND makes the impossible possible! We will find out in detail from Silke Eckstein at SND exactly how this is achieved.

In our CG Live Talk on Wednesday we will be talking to SND for the first time. For 20 years they have been finishing thousands of cups per day in their porcelain factory on the traditional Thuringian Porcelain Route, where the products get their unique individual touch. Most of their white goods are made in Germany, but they also offer a selection of products imported from Europe and the Far East. What makes SND so special is their combination of expertise, innovative spirit and passion - and the painstaking manual craftsmanship which makes each piece unique. 


And that's exactly what we're looking forward to. We will be given a look behind the scenes and learn all about the production facility and its individual processes. After all, the most diverse finishing techniques are used there: from aggressively priced direct printing with fast delivery times to elaborate finishing combinations with nano gloss, hydro lacquer, personalisation and much more. And of course all of this is "Made in Germany".


Individual and trustworthy consulting takes top priority at SND - because they are only satisfied when their customers are satisfied. We're highly curious and look forward to learning all about the company's production and the various techniques involved.


So, if we've aroused your curiosity, too, check it out at 10 a.m. on Wednesday in our CG Live Talk and be impressed!