COOL WATCH CONCEPTS SMART ELECTRONICS BEST OF DRINKWARE RETIME® takes the time to literally give you something special. Our watch la- bel is one of the most powerful labels in the field of promotional men’s and women’s wristwatches – and sets a stylish stage for presenting corporate designs, companies and brands. Featuring traditional values, reliable technology and an innovative and inspiring design, RETIME® stands for a lovingly staged watch brand, speci- fically developed for its grand appea- rance on the promotional items and merchandising products market. The extensive watch range featuring timeless collections inspires thanks to a high level of flexibility that enables individual watch concepts to be de- veloped. That’s what we call: RETIME®. Cool watch concepts. RETUMBLER® is the prime example of our idea of integrating advertising messages into people’s everyday lives in a straightforward way. On the one hand, the products inclu- ded in this top brand for communica- tive drinking vessels meet one of peo- ple’s main basic needs: drinking. And on the other, they also tell of emo- tions and pleasure. Of closeness and trust. Of trend and originality. And of sustainability and a sense of respon- sibility. Whether it’s a cup or a bottle, each drinking vessel is the protagonist of a brand that could hardly boast a smar- ter or more stylish shape and form. That’s why we can confidently say: RETUMBLER®. The best of drinkware. REEVES® is synonymous with ener- getic moments when dealing with smart products. Because the label brings together the whole world of electronic advertising aids under a single roof. At the very heart of our services and promotional items are aspects such as topicality, trend awareness and product safety, plus smart design and perfect finishing options. With REEVES® products, we’re offe- ring our customers a perfect platform where they can showcase their own corporate design plus a modern and smart world. And it’s definitely worth immersing yourself in them. Because that’s when you discover one: REEVES®. Smart electronics. With our 3 new strong brands we start the year 2020!