responsibility for us all ! Sustainability The ecological definition of sustainability describes a sustainable development, which is able to satisfy the needs of today, without limiting the conditions of future generations. Sustainability is based on the principle of only taking those resources from nature and the environment that are able to regenerate or regrow. We bear responsibility for future generations and we need to change and readjust the way we live right NOW. • OVERVIEW OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TERMS • FSC ® In the German-speaking area, the most established name is the Forest Stewardship Council ® – commonly known as FSC ® . It’s an international, non-profit organization with a global goal, to make ecological and socially responsible forest management visible on products, with the help of their seal. Most of the paper products in this catalog are FSC ® -certified. Seedling A certificate for products, which are made of biodegradable materials and suitable for industrial composting. The certification is based on the European Standard EN 13432. Our BIO foil is certified accordingly. Climate-neutral When greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, they damage the climate and contribute towards climate change. Therefore, climate neutral products are products, whose CO2 emission was calculated beforehand and will be evened out by a climate protection project. All products listed in this catalog will be evened out by the Plant-for-the-Planet foundation. Fairtrade The „Fairtrade-seal“ and „Fair Trade“ describe trade partnerships based on dialog, transparency and respect, which are striving for more fairness in the international trading business. Fairtrade-products in this catalog are labeled accordingly. Vegan Vegan products don’t contain any animal components (e.g. milk products, honey etc.) and are labeled accordingly in this catalog. We imbue delicious ideas with superpowers on a daily basis. This is what we’re all about. We combine unforgettable messages with irresistible sweets. Everything is connected. This synergy creates unstoppable positive energy, just like super - heroes do: #thepowerofsweets . We take responsibility – day after day. Our goal is to maintain an unspoiled environment for future generations. Therefore, sustainable packaging solutions like white/transparent biological foil and white paper /PE foil are selectable for many products, which are marked with this symbol: SWEET ADVERTISING WITH POWER HEROIC ADVERTISING & SuSTAINABLE PACKAGING Paper /PE More than half of the paper/PE foil’s components are recyclable and renewable materials and made from FSC®-certified raw paper. BIO foil The compostable foil is made from renewable and non-genetically modified cellulose, labeled with the protected compostable trademark “seedling” and was certified with the register number 7P0730. This foil can only be printed with CMYK (+white) BY THE WAY We also work together with partners, who think that sustainability is important. For example, the shipping of our packages is climate-neutral as well. Paper/PE & BIO foil available Sustainable Packaging THE POWER OF SWEETS GOES GREEN The importance of sustainability grows daily and returns more and more into public focus. This applies to promotional products, too. Thus advertising messages can be impressively implemented by sustainable products. SUPERHEROES THINK AHEAD This catalog in its’ printed version was produced with great care and maximum sustainability in terms of paper quality, printing method and climate neutrality. C L I M A T E - N E U T R A L C L I M A T E - N E U T R A L 2019 compostable