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#DBAD Don't be a d**k! #stayathome

cyber-Wear is making a clear statement with a specially designed collection: The #dbad Don’t be a d**k! #stayathome campaign is a cool and stylish way to remind people to stay at home and avoid all contacts for as long as these restrictions remain necessary.

Of course many people don’t have the option to stay at home because of their job, and we can’t thank them enough for their service. On the other hand, unfortunately there are still people who don’t take COVID-19 seriously and continue to meet in groups, although this is exactly the kind of behaviour we should be avoiding. By doing so, they’re putting innocent people in danger and even running the risk of infecting their own families.



This campaign is aimed help get the message across that whilst the majority of us are at “low risk” all of our actions can have drastic consequences on those that we love. Also to all the selfish panic buyers remember that the brave men and women protecting us also need food, drink and toilet roll. Please please be considerate when you are getting your food. We are all #inittogether please think before you act.

Likewise whilst all businesses are suffering at the moment, this should be short term, economies will recover. Governments and banks are stepping up to the plate to help businesses and individuals. All business owners are likely to face  incredibly tough decisions but we are saying please remember your staff are your biggest asset and we will all come out of this better if we are #tocgether.


This isn’t simply about profit this is about showing how effective merchandise is as part of a campaign and about contributing to doing the right thing. As such every item sold is generating a charitable donation for which is clearly marked. The bigger the support the larger the production run, the lower the cost and the more we can increase the amount of donation.


Don’t be a d**k! protect the ones you love #loovedones #tocgether!


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