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Thursday, 23-12-2021

"one for the planet" initiative

As a supporter of the "one for the planet" initiative, each of our staff members can help decide every month what social and environmental projects should be supported. That's as democratic as it gets!

"Who is actually destroying our planet?"  The answer is clear: according to the Carbon Majors Report published in 2017, just 100 companies are responsible for more than70 per cent of the global emissions generated since 1988. And even in Germany, just under a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 could be attributed to the industrial sector alone," says "one for the planet".


The idea behind the initiative is very simple: if you want to be part of it, simply donate one euro per month, 100% of which goes to sustainable projects. The nice thing is that everyone can help decide what projects the money should go to. So every month all cyber-Wear employees can cast their votes and the projects are then chosen democratically.


The three projects to be chosen each month are discussed by volunteers of the association, who sift through the project submissions in the run-up to the vote and do their own research. The projects presented are varied and cover a range of areas: whether planting trees, collecting rubbish or building a solar plant - the main thing is that the environment benefits. The project that receives the most support in the vote will receive all the euros collected in the respective month for the implementation of a planned project and thus make the world a little better.


"one for the planet" was founded in 2020 and has already gained 977 supporters. In 2020 they supported eight projects. These included, for example, a colourful wildflower meadow covering 2,500 square metres, protection of 300 square metres of moorland and the construction of a "fair distributor" for food.


Want to make a contribution too? Check it out: