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Friday, 21-05-2021

New alliance support

From now on, we will be supporting the Action Alliance Offensive Mittelstand. The alliance aims to promote a responsible approach to the world of work within a democratic society.

The German mid-sized sector (Mittelstand) is a driver of innovation, a guarantor of future-proof jobs and a key pillar of the social market economy. Together with its many other supporters, we have committed to collaborating to overcome the challenges presented by digital transformation, globalisation and current demographic developments. In the future, we will need to pool the potential and skills of all the partners in the alliance so that we can ensure sustained success in the mid-sized sector.


The various independent partners who are part of the Offensive Mittelstand carry out their work on a voluntary basis.  They share a goal, which is to strengthen businesses in the mid-sized sector. How? Using the principle of helping people to help themselves, and through strong partnerships. In contrast to the situation in many other countries, the success of the German economy rests heavily on the strengths of small and medium-sized companies. These include so-called "hidden champions", established skilled crafts businesses and innovative start-ups. Today, many medium-sized businesses find themselves having to deal with a high level of competitive pressure, an increasing shortage of skilled workers and rapid advances in digitalisation. The Action Alliance can help them to set the right course for the future. The Offensive Mittelstand (OM) brings together the skills and competencies of 400 partners from all relevant groups in society. They include, for example, state institutions, chambers, associations, social insurance companies, the Federal Employment Agency, institutes and a range of different companies. Together they have developed quality-assured OM practice checks as standards of practice, as well as establishing networks and training advisors for the partners.


Anyone who runs a medium-sized company or holds a position of responsiblity in such a company can make use of the quality-assured OM practice checks free of charge in order to carry out a stock-take and to derive further steps that may be required. If you are interested, you can obtain help from a local partner in your regional network or from one of their authorised advisors.  The regional networks of the Offensive Mittelstand also provide opportunities for dialogue and collaboration.