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Thursday, 02-11-2023

Being the first is pretty cool!

The Calendar Innovation: Yearly calendar with acombined Advent calendar! Pay shipping costs only once. Furthermore, the calendars can be sent as a large letter. Three-month divisions with detachable Advent calendar, filled with Lindt Naps, entirely made of paper, and fully customization with your design for orders starting from 250 pieces.

Save on shipping, reduce emissions, and be the first in the office – place your brand with your own monthly calendar on your customer's desk at the beginning of the year.Sweeten their holiday season before it even begins! Quadruple Check with our Calendar Innovation, the winner of the 2022 Promotional Gift Award! 


Thinking about Christmas right at the beginning of the year? Oh yes, it's all about chocolate! And even more so, it's about being the first one on your customer's desk with a calendar full of Christmas sweets! That's exactly what Cybergroup has reimagined, combining both into a truly cool package. The highlight isn't just an integrated Christmas calendar with delicious Lindt chocolate. You don't have to stare longingly at it for months only to devour it too soon - this special wall calendar starts in November of the previous year. And voilà, you're the first in the office! 


After the sweet holiday season, the Advent calendar with its emptied doors can be easily detached thanks perforation, leaving behind a monthly calendar in its usual stylish design. Why take it down when the calendars of your potential competitors are only arriving then?  


This 2-in-1 innovation not only excels in its dual functionality but also in terms of sustainability.  Sending two calendars at once simply cuts shipping costs and, more importantly, the associated emissions in half. Furthermore, this calendar is produced in a certified carbon-neutral manner, with no long-distance transportation, and it's proudly Made in Germany. Thanks to its mono-material paper, the calendar is entirely recyclable. 


When it comes to customization, there are no limits to creativity with this all-in-one marvel.  You can freely choose the shape of the Advent calendar and the monthly calendar, from classic to a Christmas sleigh. You can also determine the number of months. Whether it's one or a hundred thousand, whether it's single-color, offset-colorful, or metallic-shiny-4c-rainbow with embossing and speculoos scent, we make this calendar a unique eye-catcher for our customers!