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Thursday, 17-10-2019

wellnuss presents healthy snacks in the CG Lounge Talk

Last week the CG Lounge Talk achieved a significant milestone, namely its tenth broadcast. The eleventh talk was once more all about the subject of food.

That's why Steven Baumgaertner once again welcomed his current guest in the cyber kitchen in Mannheim. As its name indicates, the guest company wellnuss Premium Snacks is all about high-quality nut mixes. However the brand has a lot more to offer, as interview partner Malte Wietbrauk explains during the CG Lounge talk.


The Key Account Manager has been working for three years at wellnuss Premium Snacks, which itself has been on the market for eight years now. Today's colleagues got to know each other in the wellnuss Racing Team, because the company's managing director is a passionate marathon runner. The brand is committed to the belief that the quality of a promotional product fully reflects the appreciation of the giver for the recipient. For this reason the team puts all its dedication and passion into the development of lasting gift ideas.


In fact, from the outset wellnuss has concentrated its high-quality offer on industrial customers and not, as some people might suspect, on food retailing. It all started with the Snackboard, conceived for conference catering as an alternative to the same old plate of cookies on the conference table. At the same time the idea of developing high-quality promotional articles was born. wellnuss was the first to design an appealing folding carton, which has been continuously developed and regularly used ever since. In conversation, Malte Wietbrauk describes this folding carton as the customer's shop window, as it is precisely here that individualisation can be applied. It is also important to the sustainably oriented company that the box is not a composite material, but that the individual components can be removed and disposed of separately. 

Currently the range offers 16 different snacks made from sweet, savoury and natural ingredients. All the snacks, however, are united by the wellnuss purity law: no preservatives, no colourings, no artificial flavours, no genetic engineering. All products are processed and packaged in Germany, while wellnuss obtains its raw materials from the best growing regions worldwide. The BBQ Rubs, for example, were developed by the owner himself while barbecuing.


The company offers a wide variety of packaging sizes, ranging from three to 60 grams to suit every budget. Of course, this also determines the quantities purchased, which nevertheless start at only 250 pieces for the second-largest unit. wellnuss offers the folding cartons in attractive gift boxes, optionally even in birch wood. This high-quality wooden box can be individualised with a brand stamp from just 50 pieces. Especially for Christmas there are not only new varieties, but also attractive presentation variants, most of which can be delivered from stock in the shortest possible time.


Of course, wellnuss has also thought about something for the summer, namely delicious ice cream. Together with a Hamburg ice-cream parlour the company has developed an ice-cream powder, also without additives, from which the best ice-cream can be made in the home refrigerator in no time at all. The fine powder is available in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and Christmas chocolate cinnamon. Each variety is available with a practical mixing glass, which accurately displays the mixing ratios.