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Wednesday, 08-08-2018

Summer is over, Cybergroup is ringing the bells for Yuletide

The summer has gone, and Christmas is almost upon us. ARE YOU KIDDING? Can employees of Deutsche Bahn really be thinking that it's already time to be browsing through Cybergroup's customer-specific Christmas catalogue?

Dear readers, is your summer holiday approaching? Put it off. Were you thinking of flying? Forget it. Summer is as good as over, and the Christmas season is in full swing. Say what? Yes, your eyes didn't deceive you - Christmas is already in full flow in the advertising materials industry, but not in the way that the sun-pampered, holiday-hungry reader might suspect. It's more the case that Cybergroup, like the sector as a whole, starts getting ready for Christmas in the summer, and the first orders really need to be worked out by now.


So exactly why should you be rescheduling your whole summer holiday? We would recommend that you simply postpone it to the winter and, if you were thinking of flying, take the train instead. It might be worth your while! After all, over the past few weeks, Cybergroup has joined forces with its customer Deutsche Bahn to put together a whole array of creative treats and gift ideas for Christmas. And the odd passenger and member of staff is bound to start enjoying these ideas soon!


Members of staff can choose between over thirty different offers to do with Christmas and the turn of the year. These naturally include all kinds of chocolatey temptations, such as a huge range of Advent calendars, but also cookies to bake at home, water-soluble "tea bears" for hot drinks or individually printable sweets and wacky greetings cards. Lining up to pamper DB customers with sweet Christmas greetings will be a striking number of quality brands like Lindt, Gubor and M&M!


Sustainability will also be at the forefront, with vegan fruit gums and little customer gifts made of wood. And it'll be worth your while to act quickly here as well: One of the Christmas cards contains the seeds for your very own home-grown Christmas tree. Pine trees grow up to half a metre per year, so you could have a teeny little tree to adorn by Christmas!


Cybergroup is currently sending out more Christmas ideas by newsletter, mail and download catalogue.