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Friday, 18-01-2019

High-quality cocktail set for cyber-Wear customers

After the first day at the PSI fair cyber-Wear invites customers to cook dishes and prepare cocktails at an exclusive evening event in cyber's Kitchen.

After an exhausting day at the fair people only need three things: good food, tasty drinks and a pleasant atmosphere. However, on this particular evening cyber-Wear offered its customers a great deal more. Just like last year, guests were invited to cyber's Kitchen in the industrial style Canonicus in Düsseldorf. The popular event was fully booked with around 50 customers and company staff. Everyone was able to choose between cooking, a cocktail course and simply relaxing. Small groups quickly found themselves conjuring up a delicious 4-course menu with top chef Ingo Köthschneider, preparing delicious cocktails with the professional bartender or simply enjoying the great atmosphere and engaging in interesting conversations.


Introduced for the first time this year, the cocktail course was the absolute icing on the cake. A professional bartender first talked about the origin of the cocktail. Who would have guessed that the word "cocktail" was already in use around 1800. After a short historical introduction the participants familiarised themselves with the equipment and containers needed to mix cocktails, as well as the main ingredients involved. A cocktail always consists of water, nowadays mostly in the form of ice, a spirit and a flavouring agent such as grenadine. After these preparations the participants were able to mix their own favourite cocktails. Three very special but very different cocktails were specially selected for the evening. These included the Red Apple Lemonade, Raspberry Thyme Smash and Mojito Spiced.


Our customers were thrilled and the enthusiasm increased even further when at the end of the event  they were presented with a stylish black box in which these three cocktails could be found. On the black velvet bed lay three small glass bottles with high-quality bronze-coloured labels bearing the names of the cocktails, the ingredients and the perfect glass for the cocktails. The cocktails had previously been hand mixed with loving care by the bartender, who himself stated they had turned out perfectly. The black boxes were handmade and filled by cyber-Wear especially for the evening, so that customers will remember this unique event for a long time to come.