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Friday, 22-02-2019

Global cyber power at the 2019 Aston Martin China Dealer Conference

Cybergroup is on the road worldwide meeting customers and showing their collections – in February, they took part in the 2019 Aston Martin China Dealer Conference in Ningbo, China.

In order to present the high-quality Lifestyle Collection of this luxury label in a fitting manner, a thoroughly global team set off for the Aston Martin Dealer Conference in Ningbo, China. CEO Steven Baumgärtner travelled there from the German headquarters to give his support to Chris Ashworth, CEO of CGUK, and Helen Wang, CEO of CGCN, with the presentation of Cybergroup's most luxurious merchandising collection.


The Aston Martin Lifestyle Collection was developed by Cybergroup two years ago. Since then, they have been acting as an internationally-based merchandising partner to the prestigious luxury brand Aston Martin Lagonda, taking the merchandising of lifestyle to a whole new level. The collaboration includes the development of the exclusive Aston Martin Merchandise Collection, support for the online shop and complete full service operations, from warehousing at three locations through to shipping of goods worldwide.


The official Lifestyle Collection reflects the "handcrafted Britishness" of the exclusive sports car manufacturer and, in addition to clothing and gift articles, also comprises lifestyle articles, items of luggage and collector models which are accurate in every detail. For the clothing, various collaboration agreements have been signed, including one with the well-known British men's outfitter Hackett. A further exclusive range consisting of caps, T-shirts and jackets adorns the design concept for the Aston Martin Red Bull Formula 1 racing team.


In the course of the conference, an air of luxury drifts through the generously-sized rooms of the venue, and the exhibited sports cars in their national colours arouse desire in the visitors. The Aston Martin Lifestyle Collection is perfectly showcased within the framework of this lavish atmosphere.  The Chinese distributors are given the chance to examine for themselves the diversity of the range and the exceptional quality of the products. The cyber team also made use of the opportunity to highlight the special features of their collection in a separate presentation. Chris Ashworth, Managing Director of CGUK and Global Account Director for the Aston Martin Collection, gave a presentation to 64 Chinese Aston Martin dealers about Cybergroup and about the development and the range of the official merchandise collection of the premium British manufacturer.


The event will with certainty pay off for all the parties involved. The Chinese automotive market is experiencing a boom – Aston Martin has recorded growth of 89 percent in China and is doubling the number of distributors it has there. This country, which has a population of more than 1.4 billion, is expected to develop into the world's largest market for luxury cars within a few years.