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Wednesday, 12-04-2017

Black is the new black

The new Ford Vignale Collection is becoming more elegant

After the resounding success of the VIGNALE Collection, which has received lots of prizes and awards from the iF Design Award and the Automotive Brand Contest to the Promotional Gift Award, the new edition of the high-end collection is in the starting blocks. Four years after the premiere of the luxurious articles, cyber-Wear is now issuing the items, previously largely available in cream-coloured premium leather, in black. The bags and accessories created in connection with Ford Design, complementing the range of high-quality vehicle equipment from Ford, are produced in the coolest and most elegant of all colours, while of course still making using extensive manufacturing processes.

Black - from a technical perspective occasionally called a non-colour - belongs in every wardrobe: In business it looks classy and serious, and gives the wearer the right appearance to be taken seriously. Black can also give off coolness and nonchalance, or highlight a cool radiance, which awakens interest. Black is also undisputedly elegant, fascinating and purist, and a small black number is of course always an option. And last but not least - particularly important for bags and accessories: Black suits almost all other "real" colours and is therefore the easiest to combine.

The articles of the VIGNALE Collection 2.0, which were first presented to the public in September "in colour", should therefore not be inferior in any way to the success of its predecessor models - if not actually exceeding it. cyber-Wear has extra-thick, fine and high-quality leather made for the production of travel bags and handbags, wallets, credit card cases, iPhone and iPad cases and keyrings, from which the luxurious articles are then stitched by hand.