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Wednesday, 18-03-2020

Bath towels for the little ones

For many years we have been supporting the children of the St. Antonius Children's Home with a variety of gifts. During their recent visit to the indoor swimming pool they were this time very happy to receive new bath towels.

Kids are always happy to be told "we're going swimming today". Splashing around in the water, swimming a few lanes, letting themselves drift in the whirlpool or having fun on the slides.  Regardless of whether it's summer or winter, the children always enjoy themselves, especially when they have super cool towels to dry themselves with.


For many years we have been supporting the children of the St. Antonius Children's Home with a variety of gifts. This time it was bath towels made of an extra-thick, fluffy cotton material. Thanks to the absorbent material and the size of the towels, the kids are dry in no time.


The St. Antonius Children's Home in Karlsruhe accepts children and young people between the ages of three and twelve in various groups. In all areas care is also provided beyond this age range, as required, and can be offered within the home until the children become independent. 


Since 1908 the St. Antonius Children's Home has been committed to the principle on which it was founded: "Helping people in need quickly and without bureaucracy". This mission is still implemented today in a modern way and in accordance with legal requirements.  The following aspects are important for all the home's activities:


  • flexible organisation of support on a case-by-case basis
  • steady relationships with the children and young people
  • a comprehensive quality manual with process descriptions and quality assurance
  • close cooperation with parents
  • close cooperation with schools and welfare services
  • special-needs educational offers for the children
  • a Christian identity and alignment with the corresponding values and conception of humanity


"We would like to thank cyber-Wear most sincerely for their loyal support."



   Anika Merkel
   Team Member since 2002